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I tried to register to the OS2World forum but it says that registration is disables?

Registration to use the Forum, Wiki and submit OS/2 related news can be done by registering on the main page. At the left menu it says: "Create an account"

Once you register you can acess with the same user and password to the Forum and the Wiki.

How do I get the Chat to work?

To get the chat feature to work you need some kind of IRC client and we suggest that you make use and install ChatZilla that is available for Mozilla Firefox .

I've been user for many years and can't login

When we migrated to the new system we choose to not migrate the old user database from the old online forum. Main reason was that it had lots of non-active accounts that we didn't want to migrate. So you have to register in the new system to gain access to be able to submit post in the forum and as well if you want to submit articles or news to the site.

I have registered but can still not login?

When register the system sends out a validation link via e-mail, if don't click on this validation link, your account won't be confirmed. Please make sure that you use a valid e-mail when you register. This you have used a valid e-mail and you haven't received the validation e-mail, please then contact OS2 World staff by using following contact form.

Why is OS2 World on a linux system?

The server that OS2 World is current hosted at has a few other sites as well, so this is one of the reasons why it's not running OS2. Another reason is that some of the features we want for the Apache installation on the server is not available under OS2.

Where do I post feature requests?

If you have any sort of suggestion or request for missing feature at OS2 World. Please then post your comment in the Comments/Suggestions/Questions board.

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