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AssocCls 5

AssocCls 5 has been released (2024-02-23).

- Hobbes Archive

AssocCls is a WPS class that allows to change the class of any file object (more precisely, any object of class "WPDataFile" or replacement classes or subclasses thereof) to the "most specific" file class where the most specific file class depends on the file type and file extension (for example, a .WAV file will change to class "MMWAV" if you have the Chris Wohlgemuth multimedia classes installed). It basically implements the functionality of the "Become" page of each file object. However, the user object created on the desktop allows to drop multiple files on it and will subsequently change the class of each dropped file object to the most specific file class for that file object.  Includes binaries and source code.

By Lars Erdmann


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