Author Topic: WSEB and LCD Flat panel moniters?¿?¿  (Read 11483 times)


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Re: WSEB and LCD Flat panel moniters?¿?¿
« Reply #30 on: 2011.08.03, 23:49:13 »
Hi Greggory.

Sorry but I can also find out what I'm doing wrong on my side. I also had reinstalled the "Guest Additions" and replaced the gengradd.dlla and I can not make the 1600x900x32 resolution to appear as a screen resolution option.

But believe me Greggory, I really appreciate your help and online tutorial. 

Just one last question. What did you put as Video Device when you installed the Virtual Machine? I will try a new fresh install in other virtual machine.


I installed using SNAP and then used the post-installation task program to change Video to Panorama.  Then finally reset to GenGRADD and installed the extensions.
Make sure that you have the Video memory set to at least 7MB.