...OS/2, ArcaOS and eComStation GAMES !!!

What else can I say ?


This site has some simple objectives, try to make old (unsupported) OS/2 shareware games freeware and OpenSource. And support all the newer OS/2 games that are on the market this days.

If you know a game developer of an old or unsupported OS/2 game, let me know if he is interested on making it freeware or Opening the source of it so another developer can continued the project or learn from the code.


Webmaster: Martin Iturbide

Content: Glenn Montgomery

Content:  Chris Syntichakis


We will like to thank:

Marty Amodeo for their Odin Reviews

K3’s Favorite OS/2 Shareware for some games reviews and pictures

Kim Haverblad, for Hosting this web page on OS2world.com and the new Mambo Script

To Aldo Barba (Mambo Soft) that help me with the design

To the developers that had made his games OpenSource

everybody that help building up this site

...and everyone that's is supporting the OS/2 Community.