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Name Version Date Download Comments
SDL 20051222 2005/12/22 918 KB SDL Graphic Libraries ported to OS/2-eCS by Doodle.
Libc - GCC 0.6 2005/11/24 3.8 MB This file includes several C libraries based on GCC compiler. It contains file like Lib06.dll, Libc04.dll, libc05.dll.
EMX for OS/2 0.9d + fix 4 2001/03/31 550 KB - Runtime

Download Full enviroment

This are some Libraries required to run XFree86 !!!

The runtime library is "emxrt.zip"

Read the Instructions.

XFree86 for OS/2 4.4.0 2004/03/2 Download
(Size depends on luck)

"For the unknowleged person: this is not just yet another program, it is an entire window management environment, that usually runs in Unix environments; we are talking about 100MB of source code, much of which highly hardware dependent, e.g. the X Servers which access the video hardware of the PC directly. "

Don't forget to read the instructions !

GAMES DLL     924 KB  
VX REXX Runtime DLL 2.1 1995/02/23 393 KB Latest version of VROBJ.DLL, required to run programs written in VX REXX


Name Version Date Download Comments
Scitech SNAP Video Drivers (Shareware) 3.1.6 beta 2006/04/16 12 MB Some games that requires MGL libraries require this drivers. They are only available commercially or with eComStation.
IBM GRADD 0.97 2003/06/26 4.3MB This are the IBM standard video drivers for OS/2. It is better to try first the newer "IBM Special Edition ­ SciTech suite of drivers". If those don't work for you use the normal IBM GRADD one.
IBM Joystick Driver ? 1996/06/11 13.1KB A really old IBM joystick base drivers for OS/2. Don't waist your time on it, use the "Enhanced Joystick Drivers"
Enhanced Joystick Drivers 0.2 - Xmas Edition 1999/12/24 26.8KB Developed by Vesa Jääskeläinen . This guy is the winner of the MAME Runner contest for making new OS/2 joystick Drivers.
Enhanced Version of Gamedd.sys (Joystick) ? 2002/02/10 43.7KB Developed by J Da Silva. He is updating hisdrivers constantly. He was also on the Mame Runner contest.
Gameprt2 1.2 2000/07/01 31KB

"GAMEPRT2.SYS is an OS2 joystick interface driver. It is an updated version of GAMEPORT.SYS."

It's also developed by J Da Silva and contains some source code.