Name Version Date Download Comments
SDL 1.2.15 2016-03-03 1.5 MB SDL Graphic Libraries ported to OS/2-eCS by Digi
SDL2 2.0.4 2016-02-25 1.77 MB SDL2 Graphic Libraries ported to OS/2-eCS by Digi
Libc - GCC   2020-03-18


Install the Libc library from the Netlabs RPM repository. Using ANPM is the easiest way.

This file includes several C libraries based on GCC compiler. It contains file like Lib06.dll, Libc04.dll, libc05.dll.

EMX for OS/2 0.9d + fix 4 2001-03-31 550 KB - Runtime

Download Full enviroment

The emx runtime can also be got from the Netlabs RPM repository by running "yum install emxrt" or with ANPM.

XFree86 for OS/2 4.4.0 2004-03-02 Download
(Size depends on luck)

"For the unknowleged person: this is not just yet another program, it is an entire window management environment, that usually runs in Unix environments; we are talking about 100MB of source code, much of which highly hardware dependent, e.g. the X Servers which access the video hardware of the PC directly. "

Don't forget to read the instructions !

GAMES DLL N/A  1997-07-05 924 KB This library is used by the G.W.A.N. game. FMDOM30.DLL, FMDOOB3.DLL, FMDOOU3.DLL, FMDOOV3.DLL.
GI Runtime N/A 1993-12-17 103 KB GI - Generic Interface Runtime.
VX REXX Runtime DLL 2.1 1995-02-23 393 KB

Latest version of VROBJ.DLL, required to run programs written in VX REXX.

An easy way to install this libraries is also with ANPM.


Name Version Date Download Comments
Scitech SNAP Video Drivers 3.1.8 2006-09-27 12 MB

Some games that requires MGL libraries require this drivers.

Freeware. Arca Noae offers an updated version on ArcaOS

IBM GRADD 0.97 2003-06-26 4.3MB This are the IBM standard video drivers for OS/2. It is better to try first the newer "IBM Special Edition - SciTech suite of drivers". If those don't work for you use the normal IBM GRADD one.
IBM Joystick Driver ? 1995-06-221 13.1KB A really old IBM joystick base drivers for OS/2. Don't waist your time on it, use the "Enhanced Joystick Drivers"
Enhanced Joystick Drivers 0.2 - Xmas Edition 1999-12-24 26.8KB Developed by Vesa Jääskeläinen . This guy is the winner of the MAME Runner contest for making new OS/2 joystick Drivers.
Enhanced Version of Gamedd.sys (Joystick) ? 2002-02-10 43.7KB Developed by J Da Silva. He is updating hisdrivers constantly. He was also on the Mame Runner contest.
Gameprt2 1.2 2000-07-01 31KB

"GAMEPRT2.SYS is an OS2 joystick interface driver. It is an updated version of GAMEPORT.SYS."

It's also developed by J Da Silva and contains some source code.