Game Type Board
Cost Freeware

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OS/2 2.x

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32 KB

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This poker game runs only on old version of OS/2.

Poker Solitaire is a simple card game.  The computer deals one card at a time.  You place the card somewhere
in a 5x5 matrix.  When choosing a spot for the card remember that you are trying to form the 12 (5 rows, 5 columns, 2 diagonals) best poker hands.

The score for each hand is:

                          Royal Flush       500
                          Straight Flush    300
                          Four of a Kind    160
                          Straight          120
                          Full House        100
                          Three of a Kind    60
                          Flush              50
                          Two Pair           30
                          Pair               10

Begin the game by selecting 'New Game' from the 'Play' menu.

By Roger Smith.