Game Type Strategy - Several

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OS/2 Warp 4.0 - eCS 1.0 or later

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Demo Vol I - 478 KB

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Eight Great games for OS/2:

Blox - Move the boxes around in a stockroom and try to eliminate them all.
Combo II - Bring the  balls back to their homes by connecting the pipes.
LongLegs - Help mr.  LongLeg color all boxes purple, but watch out for Bill the Lizard.
MirrorMan - Help the Barkto twins to find the exits.
ML Memory - Challenge  your memory - try to remember where all the cards are.
Morris - Think  logically, otherwise you won't win in this board game.
Rockbot - Dig Thor's RockBot through the ground  and try to find your way out.
Sauron's Eye - Bounce the ball against the wall of bricks and try to destroy it. 

By MicroLearn Nordic