Game Type Puzzle
Cost Freeware
Web Site N/A
System Requirements

OS/2 Warp 4 - eCS 1.0 or later

Requires ACSSVC

Version Available ??
Download 119 KB
Latest Update 1992-Dec-01



Light Cycles is a multi-player video game in which each player controls a cycle driving across the screen.  The cycles can only turn at 90-degree angles and they leave a permanent trail behind them. A cycle is out of the game when it crashes into the screen's borders or a cycle trail. The last cycle alive wins.

Light Cycles is played across a network that supports APPC.  Each cycle can be located at a different machine, and the server program that calculates all the moves and collisions can run in an entirely separate machine, or in a machine running one or more cycle programs.  Each of the cycle programs communicates with the server program using two APPC conversations to provide a form of asyn-chronous communication between the two.

Light Cycles was written as a sample of APPC programming.

The design objectives of this APPC sample were:

  • Implement a single Server program which services mul-tiple Clients simultaneously.
  • The communication between any Client and the Server is asynchronous,
  • and the program must be fun to run.
By Bruce W. Dean.

APPC Market Enablement
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