MirrorMagic 001


Game Type Strategy
Cost Open Source - GNU GPL
Web Site


OS2World Port Github

System Requirements

OS/2 Warp 4 / eCS 1.x / ArcaOS 5.x or later

SDL2 Libraries

Libc Libraries (GCC)

Version Available 3.3.0
Download 4.0 MB
Latest Update 2023-08-16



This is a real-time puzzle game which set in an optical circuit. The player has to rotate mirrors to deflect a beam in order to destroy all the items of each level. Open source arcade style game in the tradition of Deflektor (C64) or Mindbender (Amiga).

This OS/2 port requires the SDL2 Libraries and the Libc runtime.

Ports to OS/2 by Dave Yeo and Martin Iturbide