FTP Server 2.6

The latest version of FtpServer (which is of course an FTP server) can be downloaded from

Binaries: ftp://ftp.pmoylan.org/FtpServer/ftpser_2.6.zip

Source Code: ftp://ftp.pmoylan.org/FtpServer/ftpserSrc_2.6.zip

"FtpServer is an ftp daemon for OS/2. Of course you could always use the ftpd that comes packaged with Warp Connect and later versions, but this one has better security controls, together with extra features such as symbolic links."

Released as open source software under the GNU GPL V3 license.

FTPServer 01

URL: http://www.pmoylan.org/pages/os2/FtpServer.html

By Peter Moylan