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2nd Annual OS2World Awards!

Last updated: 4/01/02

The result of the 2nd Annual OS2 World Awards are for each and every category:

Best Supporting OS/2 Company:
SciTech Software, USA for Display Doctor
2nd place:
Serenity Systems, USA for eComStationand on
3rd place:
InnoTek, Germany for Co-Standby Server and VPC/2

Best Commercial Software of the Year:

award2k2 bcsoty

eComStation by Serenity Systems,USA

on 2nd place:

RSJ CD Writer by RSJ Software, Germany

and on 3rd place:

Lotus Smartsuite by Lotus Corp., USA

Best Individual Software of the Year:

XWorkplace by Ulrich Möller, Germany

on 2nd place:

DFSee by Jan van Wijk Netherlands

and on 3rd place:

UpdCD by Zsolt Kadar, Hungary

Honor Award for Individuals:

Ulrich Möller, Germany for XWorkplace and WarpIn

on 2nd place:

Sander van Leeuwen, Netherlands for SB Live Drivers

and on 3rd place:

Brian Havard, Australia for Apache porting for OS/2

Best OS/2 Site of the Year:, Germany

2nd place:

Hobbes, USA

and on 3rd place:, Russia


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