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5th Annual OS2World Awards!

Sunday, 15 April 2007

Results of the 5th Annual OS/2 World Awards!The result of the 5th Annual OS2 World Awards are for each and every category:

Best Commercial Software of the Year:

DFSee by Fsys Software, Netherlands

on 2nd place:

PMView Pro by Peter Nielsen, USA

and on 3rd place:

EmperoarTV by S&T Systemtechnik GmbH, Germany


Best Individual Software of the Year:

Genmac NIC Driver WLAN Cards by Willibald Meyer, Germany

on 2nd place:

DVDDAO by Nickk, Russia

and on 3rd place:

Doodle ScreenSaver by Doodle, Hungary

Best JAVA Application of the Year:

Jeti/2 by Ehlertronic, Germany

on 2nd place:

Jalbum Web Photo Album Generator by David Ekholm, Sweden

and on 3rd place:

Limewire by Lime Wire LLC, USA

Best PHP Application of the Year:

2005 BestPHP os2world

phpMyAdmin by phpMyAdmin Devel Team

on 2nd place:

TYPO3 by TYPO3 Association

and on 3rd place:

phpBB by phpBB Group

Best Site of the Year:, USA

on 2nd place:, Belgium

and on 3rd place:, USA

Best Supporting Company of the Year:

SciTech Software Inc., USA

2nd place:

Mensys, Netherlands

and on 3rd place:

Maison d'Anglais, France

Best Unix Port of the Year:

LIBC/GCC by Knut St Osmundsen, Norway

2nd place:

ClamAV by Yuri Dario, Italy

and on 3rd place:

Gimp 2.x by Frank Gießler from Germany

Honor Award for Individuals:

Paul Smedley for various OS/2 ports

2nd place:

Adrian Gschwend for

and on 3rd place:

Knut St Osmundsen for porting LIBC/GCC

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